The law in Ohio requires both parents to share in the support obligation for their children in proportion to their earnings, even though they may be divorced or otherwise not living together or with their children. This obligation is totally independent of rights of visitation.

            The support obligation that you have entered into or which this Court has adopted by the most recent judgment entry will be enforced by this Court in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio. Those laws include the use of contempt proceedings and, in the case of more serious violations under ORC 2919.21, by misdemeanor or felony non-support criminal prosecutions, all of which can include jail and/or prison sentences.

            Both parties have an obligation and the right to notify Huron County Child Support Enforcement Agency, CSEA, of any long term changes in employment or significant changes in earnings that have the effect of modifying the parties support obligations by ten percent or more.

            The law provides for a method of administrative review, through CSEA, to periodically adjust the support obligations, when CSEA is notified that income or employment changes have occurred. Your failure to notify CSEA of changes in your employment or earning status may result in a substantial accumulation of arrearages or a finding of contempt against you that could have been avoided. This arrearage cannot be discharged in bankruptcy and can and will be collected after the children are emancipated, if necessary.

            The law has provided this procedure to assist you in meeting your obligations of support while providing you with a cost efficient method of review, when appropriate. If you desire or need further information about your rights or responsibilities, ask your attorney or contact Huron County CSEA whose address and telephone number are:

Huron County CSEA

P.O. Box 526

Norwalk, Ohio 44857